Homeopathic Personalities

The inspiration behind the book Picture It: Homeopathy  is what are called remedy states, or homeopathic personalities. During a state of health, there are both physical and mental-emotional manifestations of this health. Picture someone with glowing skin, playing tennis and enjoying laughter.

Similarly, in a state of illness there are both physical and mental-emotional characteristics of the illness. Think of someone with a runny nose, lying in bed and feeling tired and low. For each person, the manifestations of both health and illness are different depending on who you are. People are unique.

Where one person may like being consoled during a cold, another person may hate it. Someone may love milk, someone else may hate the idea of it. Some people like their rooms clean, others prefer them messy. There are so many differences in chosen and unchosen habits, preferences, thoughts, and tendencies.

The reason why homeopaths ask so many questions during a visit is that they want to get the best idea of your homeopathic personality and current imbalance in health. By doing so, they can choose the best remedy to fit that health picture and help you regain balance.

Picture It: Homeopathy puts all of the information about each remedy’s typical symptoms, habits, thoughts, and quirks into picture form for easy and fun learning.


Constitutional versus Acute Homeopathy

Remedies can be taken to help heal an overall constellation of symptoms (constitutional) or they can be taken in the moment in a focused way to treat one or two symptoms (acute). During constitutional prescribing, unique mental-emotional factors especially come into play for choosing the right remedy.

Each homeopathic remedy itself has a ‘remedy state.’ The remedy state is made up of the cluster of physical, clinical, general, and mental-emotional traits that it helps treat in a person. When your health profile matches well with the remedy state of a particular homeopathic remedy, healing and vitality are sparked.

Picture It: Homeopathy focuses on the constitutional approach to homeopathy, providing picture-based snapshots with in-depth descriptions of 32 common remedies and their personalities. Find out more about it by checking out The Book page.